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Dedicated Excellence in Publishing.

Gitanjali J B is an MBA from the Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, who after an 8-year experience in the corporate sector in various national and multi-national firms and management consultancies and a 6-year stint in running the family business of engineering projects, founded Helios Books last year.

Our History

More than just Books.

  • Helios Books is an independent publisher with a strong commitment and vision to publish quality fiction as well as non-fiction of a high standard, based on meticulous and original research.
  • Distinctive vision, creative use of narrative and plot, and elegance and finesse in the style of writing are the distinguishing features of our fiction. The hallmark of our non-fiction is the lucid presentation of original research.
  • We set up Helios Books to publish books that we had always wanted to read but could never find in bookstores. Our aim in setting up Helios Books is thus twofold: to publish high-quality books in various genres and to share the joy while doing so!

The secrets of your splendor are not concealed in the lines of your fate, nor are they hidden in the wiring of your DNA. They exist firmly and definitely, in the infinite potential of your soul. Flowering of these, through unending education, is the sublime aim of life and its rare privilege!

- Gitanjali
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