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Helios Books, in association with Landmark, is launching the first of its series of Historical Fiction for Children, Little-known Tales of Well-known Times: Back to the BCs by Pavithra Srinivasan on Friday, 1st June 2012, 6 P.M. at Landmark, Apex Plaza, Nungambakkam.

The Chief Guest for the Launch would be Mr. Madhan, the famous cartoonist, journalist, writer and film critic.

Dr. Chithra Madhavan, the renowned historian will receive the first copy.

Panel Discussion on “Relevance and importance of Historical Fiction for Children”

The event will witness a panel discussion on “The Relevance and Importance of Historical Fiction for Children” to be moderated by Mr. Shree Kumar Varma, author, playwright, newspaper columnist and poet and participated by Mr. Madhan, Dr. Chithra Madhavan, author Pavithra Srinivasan and publisher of Helios Books, Ms Gitanjali J B.

When : Fri, June 1, 6pm – 8pm GMT+05:30
Where : Landmark, Apex Plaza, Nungambakkam

About the Book Back to the BCs, a part of the series Little-Known Tales of Well-Known Times

History classes are boring and everybody yawns during these lessons in school; all those tedious names, dates, and endless paragraphs that have to be committed to memory about what some king did in some random year! But actually, history can be most interesting and above all, inspiring! To know about all those great men and women who lived and performed wonderful deeds – what can be more exciting than that! Especially if these factual nuggets are so spun that they create a picture that is gripping and enlivening. It is this interest and inspiration that we wish to re-kindle in the minds of the children through our series Little-Known Tales of Well-Known Times, stories about well-known figures and times but touching upon facts and incidences not very well-known!

So, get ready for a thrilling trip back in time! Follow the exploits of kings and poets, wayfarers and mendicants down the centuries. Explore the world through their eyes. Visit the wonderful city of Mohenjodaro to see how it was built; find out why River Saraswati disappeared; enjoy Vishnu Sharma’s fun filled stories about his talking animal friends; and hear Chanakya and Thiruvalluvar talk about their great works.

All these adventures and more are waiting for you inside this book, the first in an exciting series of historical short stories. So climb aboard!