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New Arrivals


Little-known Tales of Well-known Times: BC turns AD – by Pavithra Srinivasan

Brace yourselves for a second round of adventure as we jump off from the BCs into the ADs! Will Aditi prove herself an able warrior to Emperor Chandragupta Maurya? Why does Megasthenes transform the Pandyan queen into a figure from Greek mythology? How does the young Crown Prince in disguise help Yajnavalkya get justice for a wronged widow? Find the answers to these and more in our second book in this thrilling series!

Poorva: Magic, Miracles and the Mystical Twelve – by Lakshmi Devnath

Poorva and her granduncle are whisked through time and space into a whirlwind of magical adventures in the past, with twelve saint-poets as the sole link. Who were these Azhwars and where did they come from? What was the mysterious force behind their marvellous feats? Join Poorva and ‘Swami Thatha’ as they unravel the amazing answers!

Swords and Shadows – by Pavithra Srinivasan

A Chola king in far-off Vengi. A young heir-apparent coming out of exile. A coronation without the king. Assassination attempts and intrigues galore. These are the ingredients of this breathlessly exciting historical thriller. Guaranteed to be unputdownable!

Bot’s Second Adventure: The Amazing Amazon – by Malini Seshadri

Bot will soon be off on a new adventure! Travel with him and share in the fun. Read all about how Bot gets grabbed by a monkey, rides on a jaguar, tangles with a giant snake, escapes from a crocodile, and lots more of his experiences in the Amazon rainforest!

War Heroes of India – I: 7 Param Vir Chakras – by Shyam Kumari

This first of three narrative non-fiction books sketches the lives of 7 of the 21 recipients of the Param Vir Chakra and their patriotic acts of startling heroism and unimaginable courage in the face of daunting conditions of war. A must-read for all Indian children – and their parents too!

Growing up at Grandpa’s – by Prema Ramakrishnan

A memoir of the little joys and adventures of a happy childhood spent in the idyllic City of Gardens, this lovely book is written with such genuine appreciation and love for a bygone era that it can make even the modern reader nostalgic!

My Way, Every Day!: 90 Healthy & Fun Recipes for Kids & Moms – by Rajni Khurana

Every child’s dream – a bookful of fun, tasty and easy recipes to try out every day, for breakfast, mealtimes, snack time and party time! And every mom can be happy too – they are all healthy recipes, as the ‘Underwater Secrets’ reveal.